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Pointes are our way of saying “Thank You!” Learn how to enroll and explore all the benefits of our Pointes Rewards program below!

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Corps de Ballet

Start Here
+ 5 bonus Pointes for joining
  • Earn 1 Pointe for every $/€ spent
  • Use Pointes on any product


Reach 250 Pointes for your promotion!
+ 50 bonus Pointes when you reach 250
  • Earn 1 Pointe for every $/€ spent
  • Use Pointes on any product
  • Early-bird sales


Reach 500 pointes for your promotion!
+ 100 bonus Pointes when you reach 500
  • Earn 1 Pointe for every $/€ spent
  • Use Pointes on any product
  • Early-bird sales
  • Private sales


Reach 1,000 pointes for your promotion!
+ 200 bonus Pointes when you reach 1,000
  • Earn 1 Pointe for every $/€ spent
  • Use Pointes on any product
  • Early-bird sales
  • Private sales
  • 5% OFF on everything *

Simply create an account on and begin earning Pointes! If you have an existing account, you are automatically enrolled.

Every dollar spent on is worth 1 Pointe. Additional pointe accrual opportunities include referring friends (+50), having a friend purchase through your referral link (+50), spending over 200 dollars/euros on one order (+50), and your birthday (+100).

Pointes will be connected to the email used at checkout. Please make sure the email on your order matches your account. If you opt to use another email we can not transfer pointes. Similarly, Apple Pay users may not see pointes if the email associated with the Apple Pay account is not the same email on your account. Again, we can not transfer pointes after an order has been placed.

Each Pointe can be redeemed for .05 cents off your order.

For example, 100 Pointes = 5 dollars/euros.

Log into your account. On the “My Account” tab, you will see “My Pointes” which has your available Pointes balance, Tier level, and Pointes History.

Purchases on should immediately accrue pointes. Please check in with us if you do not see your pointes within 5 business days (web orders).

Purchasing in our NYC boutique? Please allow 5-10 days for Pointes to be posted in your account.

Yes. Pointes expire one year after the date they are earned.

Yes. Up to 1,000 Pointes (equal to 50 dollars/euros) can be used per transaction.

No. You can redeem as few Pointes as you’d like at one time up to 1,000 Pointes per transaction (50 dollars/euros).

Once items have been added to your cart the option to apply pointes will appear on the check-out page. Select the number of Pointes you would like to use toward your purchase and apply toward the order balance – you do not have to redeem all pointes at once. The pointes applied will automatically be your oldest. 

Yes. Your cart total must be at least 50 dollars/euros to apply Pointes.

Pointes accumulated from an order that is returned will be removed from your account.

Yes. If you redeemed Pointes on an order that is returned, the Pointes will be assigned back to your account. Please allow up to 2 weeks for this adjustment.

On your account, on the “My Pointes” page, you will see a tab that says “Get Pointes!” You will see a URL that you can copy and email to a friend. When your friend signs up using your link, you get 50 Pointes added to your account. Your friend must be a new user and not have an existing account.

Yes! On your account, on the “My Pointes” page, you will see a tab that says “Manage Pointes.” You will see a window where you can convert your Pointes into a coupon code to share with someone else. Select all or a portion of Pointes to convert. This conversion cannot be reversed once it is sent, please be sure you are sharing Pointes with the correct person.

You earn additional Pointes with each Pointes value milestone reached (250, 500, 1,000). The milestones have been named after levels within a professional ballet company.

When you accumulate 250 Pointes (Soloist), you are awarded 50 FREE Pointes to your account.

When you accumulate 500 Pointes (Principal), you are awarded 100 FREE Pointes to your account. 

When you accumulate 1,000 Pointes (Prima), you are awarded 200 FREE Pointes to your account. 

You also get secret insider deals sent to your email based on your Tier level!

Tiers reset every year on January, 1st. But, don’t worry, you will not lose your existing pointes!

Yes! As long as you have signed up for a account, you will still accumulate Pointes for purchases made at the Gaynor Minden boutique in New York City. Please allow up to 10 business days for Pointes acquired at the NYC boutique to reflect in your account.

Yes! You can redeem your Pointes at the NYC Boutique by converting your Pointes into a coupon. Once you are logged into your account, navigate to “My Pointes” and “Manage Pointes”. Convert Pointes to a coupon and present the coupon at checkout. 

No. The Gaynor Minden Loyalty Program is only applicable for purchases made on or at our Gaynor Minden boutique in New York City.

Congratulations! Once you have reached Prima status a coupon for 5% off all orders (no minimum) will be shared to the email associated with your rewards account. It will be your responsibility to add this coupon code to all future orders – it will not get added automatically, and it cannot be added after an order has been placed. Your pointes will continue to accrue in the same way and will reflect the order value after the discount has been applied. 

Email us at [email protected] with questions or concerns.

The Gaynor Minden Pointes Loyalty Program is a free rewards program offered by Gaynor Minden. It is available to customers worldwide. You must be 16 years or older to participate. Minors must obtain a parent or legal guardian’s consent prior to participation.

Gaynor Minden may, in its sole discretion, alter, limit, or modify any of the Pointes rules, levels, regulations, benefits, eligibility, or any other feature at any time. Gaynor Minden may also terminate any tier or Pointes rewards at any time without prior notice except as expressly set out in these Terms or required by applicable law. If at any time Gaynor Minden changes, terminates, or edits the Tiers and/or Pointes rules, the program guidelines will be updated on Continuing to participate in the Loyalty Program is your agreement to the updated terms and conditions.

Gaynor Minden reserves the rights to offer bonus Pointes to any Rewards Program member at any time.

Gaynor Minden reserves the right to run promotions that affect the Pointes and Tiers of the Loyalty program. Any promotions are at the sole discretion of Gaynor Minden.

Pointes themselves have no cash value and can only be redeemed toward discounts on Gaynor Minden may, in sole discretion, allow Pointes to be redeemed for other benefits or items of merchandise from time to time. However, Pointes are never redeemable for cash, gift cards, or e-gift cards.

Pointes will expire after 12 months of being applied to the member account without exception.

Gaynor Minden reserves the right to exclude individuals from the Loyalty Program or remove individuals from the Loyalty Program. Any abuse, manipulation, or “gaming” of the Loyalty Program or its rules as determined by Gaynor Minden or failure to follow the terms may result in permanent removal from the Loyalty Program.

Gaynor Minden will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with your participation in the Loyalty Program. This includes damages arising out of the change to or termination of the program. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind.

Gaynor Minden reserves the right to completely terminate the Loyalty Program at any time and without notice.

Simply log in to check your Pointes balance.
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