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Site Credits

© Copyright 1996, 2015 Gaynor Minden, Inc. All rights reserved. Files in this directory available for public viewing.
No file in this directory may be reproduced in any manner for other than personal use without written permission from Gaynor Minden, Inc.

Text written by Eliza Minden except where indicated.

Illustrations by Andrea Selby.

Photography: All photos by Eduardo Patino, NYC, except:

Homepage photos of Svetlana Zakharova and Evgenia Obraztsova by Enrico Nawrath.

Homepage photo of Ekaterina Kondaurova by Neff.

Homepage photo of Michaela DePrince by Ximena Brunette.

Homepage photo of Igone De Jongh by Angela Sterling.

Homepage photos of Alina Cojocaru and Zenaida Yanowsky by Johan Persson.

Homepage photo of Ekaterina Shipulina by Alexandra.

Product photos by Paul B. Goode, Elena Miranda, Eduardo Patino, and Erika Rojas.

Photos of Kathryn Sullivan taken at Steps on Broadway. Students courtesy of the School at Steps.

Other photo credits appear along with the photos to which they refer.

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