Studio Etiquette

Studio Etiquette(Click to zoom in.)

Many breaches of studio etiquette — things that are generally not allowed during ballet class — are shown in the illustration above.
Can you find them all? 

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•                Chatting, whispering, or giggling

•                Clothing that is torn, dirty, or in disrepair

•                Clothing, including leg warmers, that falls off

•                Big jewelry

•                Drinking (other than water)

•                Turning on a fan or opening a window without permission

•                Taking pictures without permission

•                Watching from the doorway

•                Sitting on or hanging from the barres

•                Draping clothes or bags on the barres

•                Talking on the phone

•                Texting

•                Eating

•                Touching or leaning on the piano

•                Chewing gum

•                Inappropriate displays of affection

•                Bare feet (in ballet class)

•                Street shoes or street-clothes in ballet class

•                Choreographing your own steps

•                Entering class late

•                Leaving class early

•                Positioning yourself in front of the first person at the barre

•                Warm-up booties during center floor

•                Hand holding or locking elbows with a classmate

•                Listening to your own electronic device

•                Costumes

•                Pets

•                Seriously sexy leotards

•                Bad body odor or strong perfume

•                Long loose hair or long ponytails

•                Bare chests

•                Oversized luggage

•                Not helping to move the barres

•                Napping

•                Hats


Illustration by Andrea Selby.

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