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When Gaynor Minden started in 1993 we had a few dozen customers. Today tens of thousands of dancers have voted with their feet and honored us by choosing our pointe shoes. Some are among the finest dancers on the planet, no exaggeration. Some of these ballerinas have agreed to become Gaynor Minden Artists and appear here, and in our advertisements. These dancers have worn Gaynor Mindens for years, and they wear them exclusively. We provide an honorarium for the use of their images, but we never pay dancers to wear our shoes. It’s their choice.

Victoria Ananyan
Principal Dancer
Les Ballets de Monte Carlo

“Since I put on my Gaynors, I stayed in them forever. Shoes should be like skin where nothing should bother you and nothing should distract you during your training. You can think about a new choreography, a new role, and be fully engaged in the studio and, of course, be fully committed on stage, so you can create magic without any worries. Your shoes should be part of your body — not a piece of clothing.”

Victoria has worn Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes since 2014.
Gretel Batista

Gretel Batista
Corps de Ballet
Houston Ballet

“I have been wearing Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2015. I first tried Gaynors while doing a guest performance. In need of emergency shoes and after many failed options, I tried on a pair of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes and immediately fell in love! The support, the comfort, the look, the durability — I love everything about them. I have been wearing Gaynor Mindens ever since. It was the best decision I ever made!”

Gretel has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2015.
Photo: S. Soong

Cristina Baez
Ballet Clásico Moderno Municipal de Asunción

“Gaynor Minden accompanied me from the beginning of this career until today, thanks to the comfort and durability, I did not need to choose another pair of pointe shoes from another brand than Gaynor Minden. They are my all time choice! They helped me to continue working and growing as a dancer and artist, giving me beautiful lines and being my best partner day after day. Thank you Gaynor Minden, my favorite brand.”

Cristina has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2008.
Photo: M. Ayala
Jessica Burrows

Jessica Burrows
Hong Kong Ballet

“I love my Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. They are consistent and durable. I never have to worry about whether my shoes will last through the performance, or if I will receive an oddly shaped pair in my order. Every shoe fits perfectly, customized exactly to my specifications. The sleek shape of the shoe complements my lines. As I dance, every landing is soft and quiet. I am confident in my Gaynor Minden shoes and this confidence leaves me free onstage to take risks and focus on creating art.”

Jessica has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2010.
Photo: K. Kuras

Chanell Cabrera
First Soloist
Balet Narodni divadlo Brno

“I’ve been wearing Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2014 and from the moment I put them on I realized how comfortable they are. I chose Gaynor Minden because I love their stability and durability, I can use them for a long time. I love how secure I feel in every balance, turn and jump, and the fact that they aren’t noisy at all. Gaynor Minden pointe shoes have everything that I’m looking for in ballet shoes.”

Chanell has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2014.
Photo: E. Cruz
Filipa Slideshow

Filipa de Castro
Principal Dancer
National Ballet of Portugal

“It began with a suggestion from a friend of mine, also Gaynor Minden Artist. We danced together in a gala and I was complaining about how shoes can change just from bringing them on a plane. She told me that with Gaynor Minden I wouldn’t have those issues, so I decided to try them. It took a bit of time to find the right ones, but since I’ve gotten used to working with them I’ve become a totally different ballerina. I have a feeling of trusting my pointe shoes completely while I’m dancing, not being afraid that they might break in the middle of a pas de deux. And they are so light, that jumping is heaven and they look great on my feet. I feel that I improved to a higher level with them!”

Filipa has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2014.
Photo: V. Silveira
CoracyIsabela Website

Isabela Coracy
Ballet Black

“Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are the perfect complement to my art. After all the classes and rehearsals, I can step on stage with confidence and express myself by moving freely. It was never easy for my parents to provide more than one pair per month as a young ballerina, but my family supported my career by encouraging me to follow my dreams. My magical Gaynor Minden pointe shoes were always ready to go on stage and dance!”

Isabela has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2008.
Photo: K. Nugent
Ao Dingwen

Ao Dingwen
Principal Dancer
Liaoning Ballet of China

“From corps de ballet to principal and then to honored artist of the nation, I have never stopped chasing for better performance. Non-slippery, light, shock-absorbing, comfortable and durable are keys for me on stage. I have a very high standard in choosing pointe shoes, that’s why Gaynor Minden can really satisfy me for those factors and is my most intimate companion in my career development.”

Ao has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2016.
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Lili Felmery
Principal Dancer
Hungarian National Ballet

“The reason why I began wearing Gaynor Minden pointe shoes was that I would have liked to ensure the best quality for my feet. These are the most beautiful, convenient and perfect pointe shoes I can imagine!”

Lili has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2013.
Photo: A. Paolini Merlo

Claudia Garcia
Hungarian National Ballet

“With the Gaynor Minden pointe shoes I feel much more stable during the execution of the technical steps such as turns, balances or jumps. In addition, they are silent and especially during the landing of the jumps that to me is very important. I also like how they look — they make my foot look better and it allows me to show a nice line when I dance.”

Claudia has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2015.
Photo: E.R. Hernández
Larissa Gerszke

Larissa Gerszke
Complexions Contemporary Ballet

“While I have tried many pointe shoes, I always come back to Gaynor Minden because of the quality, strength, and elegance the shoe offers me as an artist in my mission to create deeply moving art. I find that throughout this career – in which the spotlight is constantly highlighting your every feature and scrutinizing your every movement – it is important to have confidence in your physical instrument and as much support as you can have behind you, in order to succeed. In my most important moments on stage, these pointe shoes have never let me down!”

Larissa has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2010.
Photo: S. Vandervelden
Gonchar Slideshow

Nadezhda Gonchar
The Mariinsky Ballet

“Beauty, Lightness, and Comfort – this is Gaynor Minden. Try them once, and you will never take them off.”

Nadia has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2005.
Photo: V. Baranovsky
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Tiffany Hedman
Junior Soloist
English National Ballet

“Confidence comes from knowing you can rely on all you’ve prepared. I trust my Gaynor Minden’s for their undeniable consistancy. Knowing what to expect has freed me up to push myself to my personal limits, knowing that whatever step I take out there on stage, Gaynor Mindon is there supporting me and literally keeping me on my toes!”

Tiffany has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2016.

Cindy Herrera

“Gaynor Minden pointe shoes have become part of my life — their comfort and durability have given me the opportunity to stand out as a soloist in my company. The shoes give me security, balance, and stability, which makes me enjoy my hours of rehearsals and performances every time. Due to their endurance and reliability, I can use them for several hours without fear of damage due to the climates of Colombia.”

Photo: E. Lora
Katherine Web

Katherine Higgins
Paris Opera Ballet

“I wore a few different kinds of shoes until May 2013, when I was preparing for the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp’s graduation gala. I was dancing Odette in Swan Lake and rehearsals were really taking a toll on my body. I was experiencing horrible ankle pain and swelling, and my pointe shoes (which needed to be very hard to support my feet) were seeming to add pressure to the problem. My injury kept getting worse until it reached an exploding point a week before the gala. My teacher suggested I bring in a pair of Gaynors I had bought for fun. I rose onto pointe and felt zero pain. It was so unbelievable! At first, it was a challenge to get used to what felt like less support, until I built up the correct strength to lift out of the shoe on my own. Gaynors especially helped me discover the control of rolling through demi-pointe, which added a whole new nuanced dynamic to my dancing. So thank you!!”

Katherine has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2013.
Photo: I. Zakharkin, courtesy of Moscow IBC
Jamie Kopit

Jamie Kopit
Nashville Ballet

“I started wearing Gaynor Minden pointe shoes for many reasons. Firstly, they last so much longer than traditional pointe shoes, so I don’t need to be constantly sewing new pairs or worrying about them not lasting through a three-act ballet.  Secondly, the pliable shank and box allow me to jump with more ease, while still staying supportive enough for pointe work and partnering. In addition, the sleek shape of the box helps refine my leg line, unlike the bulkiness of a traditional pointe shoe. Lastly, they are significantly kinder to my toes, which make me more comfortable during long rehearsal days. In fact, I now no longer need to wear toe pads!”

Jamie has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2016.
Photo: S. Schmidt
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Ekaterina Kukhar
Principal Dancer
National Opera of Ukraine

“I choose to wear Gaynor Minden pointe shoes because they are durable, and because of the wide range of options they give dancers.”

Ekaterina has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2012.
Photo: K. Orlova
Jolie Lombardo

Jolie Lombardo
Corps de Ballet
Stuttgart Ballet

“Ballet is an art form that requires dancers to show beauty and vulnerability with precise skill. I believe dancers can only achieve this combination through the utmost confidence, and that is precisely what wearing Gaynor Minden pointe shoes gives to me. In my opinion, they are the best pointe shoes a dancer can wear. I am personally grateful for the technological advancement that Gaynor Minden has produced to help ballet dancers around the world.”

Jolie has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2015.
Photo: C. Quezada
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Julie Magnon-Verdier
Opera Nice

“With Gaynor Mindens, I can finally focus on my interpretation and technique. I feel stable, light and confident! In the past, choosing my pointe shoes before shows was a huge stress. Today, I’m relieved, I know that my pointe shoes won’t harm my technique because Gaynors are so resistant!”

Julie has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2017.
Photo: F. Faverney

Anastasia Matvienko
Guest Principal Dancer
Slovenian National Ballet

“From my heart, I’m really happy with these shoes.”

Anastasia has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2005.
Photo: G. Schiavone
Estheysis Menendez 2

Estheysis Menendez
Houston Ballet

“I choose to wear Gaynor Minden pointe shoes because, first thing, they are quite comfortable. The plastic is very flexible which allows me to use them immediately without “breaking them in”. Also, I love how quiet they are. I feel in balance and stable in my turns, jump higher, and the most important thing for me is that they are very resistant to sweat. They are very durable shoes.”

Estheysis has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2009.
Photo: L. Floristeria
Marina For Web

Marina Minoiu
Corps de Ballet
Royal Danish Ballet

“With Gaynor Minden pointe shoes I have safety. I have comfort. I know they support me as well as a pointe shoe that can support a dancer. They are like home for my feet. I have no worries when I wear them. And it’s rare when I feel better in pointe shoes than in soft shoes or other dancing shoes! It’s like when you go to a clothing shop and find a dress that fits you so well you wish you could wear it non-stop. Well, that is my feeling regarding Gaynor Minden pointe shoes!”

Marina has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since she was 14.
Photo courtesy of Bucharest National Opera House

Anna Ol
Principal Dancer
Dutch National Ballet

“When I was just starting my career, it was always a problem for me to find great pointe shoes. I was looking for a pair that would not only fit me perfectly and give my feet good support but, at the same time, allow me to do filigree foot work. I tried many different brands until I got my first pair of Gaynors in 2011. Since then, I have never wanted to have any other pointe shoes. I think they look great and fit extremely well. And I love that I can use one pair for quite a long time. I find it very practical; it saves a lot of my free time.”

Anna has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2011.
Photo: D. Volkova

Amanda Perez
Cincinnati Ballet

“Gaynor Minden pointe shoes came into my life to stay. They have been with me since I was a student and I won’t change them for anything, because of their comfort, their durability, they also make a beautiful line and make me feel safe.”

Amanda has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2014.
Stanislava Postnova

Stanislava Postnova
Corps de Ballet
Bolshoi Ballet

“I started wearing Gaynor Minden pointe shoes when I was a student of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. These were my first pointe shoes in my ballet life. I bought my first pair of Gaynor Minden when I was 10 years old, and I loved them forever. I like to wear Gaynor Minden pointe shoes because they are practical, the foot looks beautiful and they are comfortable — as for jumps, so for turns. Gaynor Minden has a lot of different pointe shoe models this makes it easy to choose the appropriate pair for each role.”

Stanislava has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2010.
Photo: V. Zakharova
Ashley Simpson

Ashley Simpson
Ballet X

“I choose to wear Gaynor Minden pointe shoes because they allow me to perform at my best, without having to worry about slippery stage marley, if my shoes will die during a long tour, or if one pair will feel different than another of the same model. I truly feel that Gaynor Minden’s strengthen my feet at a level different from other pointe shoes. When I put on these shoes for a performance I dance with the ease of knowing that they will perform exactly as they have been during rehearsal.”

Ashley has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2014.
Photo: R. Neville
Claire Teisseyre

Claire Teisseyre
Paris Opera Ballet

“It was watching different principal dancers on social media that I first noticed Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. I thought they gave a thinner line to the feet, and above all, they made much less noise on stage. Being always in search of improving my work, I wanted to give them a try for myself! It was an excellent experience: my jumps seemed lighter, going up on pointe was fluid and precise, and also the consistency and the resistance of the soles gave me complete confidence in them. I don’t even hesitate now when it comes to choosing which pointe shoes I will be wearing before performing on stage!”

Claire has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2011.
Photo: M. Kleemola

Juliana Valadão
Principal Dancer
Theatro Municipal RJ

“I would not be able to give my best without the main instrument that any and every ballerina needs — a professional pair of pointe shoes. Besides quality, elegance, and silent landings, Gaynor Minden pointe shoes give me the comfort I need. Being able to customize my pointe shoes helps me find the specific model for each ballet season. I always feel secure because I know my pointe shoes will last the whole performance, which helps me not only give my best, but enjoy every moment I am on the stage.”

Juliana has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2008.
Photo: C.L. Pinto
Veronika Verterich

Veronika Verterich
The Stuttgart Ballet

“A Ballerina brings two things on stage with her, herself, and her pointe shoes. Gaynor Minden provides durability, security, and a comfortable, pleasing fit. Such qualities put my mind at ease, allowing me to focus on myself and my artistry during classes and rehearsals so that I can portray my abilities worry-free on the stage.”

Veronika has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2013.
Photo: Copyright The Stuttgart Ballet
Yunting Qiu

Qiu Yunting
National Ballet of China

“Before wearing Gaynor Minden, I had to change three pairs of shoes in a full act which is such a big consumption. After trying Gaynor Minden pointe shoes I realized how durable they are! This is just amazing! GM is the most comfortable pointe shoes I have ever tried. Pointe shoes are truly so important for ballet dancers, and I believe Gaynor Minden will accompany me as I perform masterpieces on stage with the art of pointe work.”

Qiu has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2014.
Zehr Giselle Arabesque Hi Res

Bridgett Zehr
Staatsballett Karlsruhe


“After a year long injury and foot surgery, I was doubtful I would ever dance again. Gaynor Mindens have made it possible. Not only do I feel stronger and more confident with Gaynor Mindens, I never have to worry if my shoes will hold up during my rigorous day. I’m able to jump higher with half the effort, turn more with half the force, and they provide a beautiful clean line that hugs my foot. It is an amazing feeling to completely trust the shoes I am wearing and even more amazing that they are allowing me to perform the way all dancers deserve to.”

Bridgett has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2008.
Photo: B. Zinger