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Hard shanks and boxes are extremely stiff and, like all Gaynor Minden shanks and boxes, will not soften over time. Our professional Gaynor Minden fitters find that many dancers — especially those in lengths shorter than GM size 9.5 — are better served by a more flexible shank. If you prefer a fluid roll-through and high demi-pointe, but are not certain that a softer shank is right for you, email us at fitters@dancer.com or call 212-929-0087 x12. We're happy to guide you in your selection!


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Pointe Shoes


Specify your model, length, width, box, shank, vamp, heel, and satin for a precise, professional fit — it’s the custom pointe shoe you don’t have to special order.

Try a softer shank and consider a refit! Our new Italian satin is slightly more supportive and creates the sensation of a snugger fit.

Not sure of your size? Click the “Not sure which to pick?” check box under all six components and schedule a virtual fitting appointment.


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