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Satin Colors

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Our lustrous satin is now available in a range of colors in addition to our traditional Pink.

Cappuccino, Mocha, and Espresso make it so much easier to complement a wide range of skin tones. They work well as a base for further customization, but also work for many dancers as-is.

Matching tights, ribbons, and elastic are available for all of our pointe shoe satins.


From Daphne Lee (left), Dance Theatre of Harlem: “Gaynor Minden has been there for me as an artist and as a person; they have made me feel included with their vision and brand. The pointe shoes are designed to be forgotten, while at the same time showcasing my technical ability. I love seeing how they celebrate the next generation of dancers socially while supporting and encouraging dancers of all shades to feel included in the ballet world.”


From Erica Lall, American Ballet Theater: “I could not ask for a better celebration of being a dancer of color than to be surprised by Gaynor Minden with a pointe shoe shade that is perfect for me!”


From Annellyse Munroe, Ailey II Alum: “Gaynor Minden is reaching dancers where it counts. Now—because the color of my Gaynors compliments my skin tone—I no longer have to dye my shoes. This leaves me with a cheerful smile each time I wear them, and it allows me to spend more time focused on my work, which is ultimately to dance with ease, comfort, elegance, and grace. I truly admire the fact that Gaynor Minden is appealing to the diverse world of dancers!”



Brown satin pointe shoes as seen in:



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