Become A Gaynor Girl

Gaynor Girls are students and young professionals (ages 14+) who choose to train and perform exclusively in Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. They have an active presence on Instagram, and are as enthusiastic about all things Gaynor Minden as we are! 
While you can only be an official Gaynor Girl for one year, Gaynor Girls may return as an ambassador later in their career.
We have completed our search for the 2019/20 Gaynor Girls. If you missed the search this year, don’t worry! We hold a search for our new group of Gaynor Girls in the spring of every year (usually in May). Make sure you’re following us on Instagram for the most up-to-date information on the Gaynor Girl search.
Even if you’re not be able to be an “official” Gaynor Girl right away, anyone who loves Gaynor Minden can be a Gaynor Girl! Post a picture in your favorite Gaynor Minden items, and tag us (@gaynorminden, #gaynorgirls, #gaynorminden). 
And just like that, you’re a “Gaynor Girl”!

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