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Maria Calegari

Maria Calegari 2016

“Some of the most accomplished ballerinas that I have worked with on Balanchine’s ballets have given definitive performances of these great works of dance in their Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. Alina Cojocaru in Jewels/Diamonds, Veronika Part and Maria Ricetto in Mozartiana and Deanna Seay in Ballet Imperial, all dancing some of the most intricate, difficult, and expressive pointe work made for a ballerina. They must move quickly and smoothly on and off of their pointe shoes. The Gaynor Minden shoe clearly enables these female artists to bring their great skill and beauty to the stage time after time.”

-Maria Calegari, September 2010

As an acclaimed Principal Dancer at New York City Ballet her eloquent line, impeccable technique, and soaring stage presence made her a star in the Balanchine repertory as well as a muse to Jerome Robbins. Now an internationally renowned teacher and repetiteur for The Balanchine Trust and The Robbins Rights Trust, she is seen here coaching Aria Alekzander of Houston Ballet. Ms. Calegari currently co-directs the Caleco Ballet Studio in North Salem, NY. Photo of Maria Calegari and Aria Alekzander by Amitava Sarkar. Photo of Maria Calegari courtesy of Steven Caras, 2010. Maria Calegari in Mozartiana, choreography by George Balanchine. Balanchine® is a Trademark of The George Balanchine Trust.





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