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When Gaynor Minden started in 1993 we had a few dozen customers. Today tens of thousands of dancers have voted with their feet and honored us by choosing our pointe shoes. Some are among the finest dancers on the planet, no exaggeration. Some of these ballerinas have agreed to become Gaynor Minden Artists and appear here, and in our advertisements. These dancers have worn Gaynor Mindens for years, and they wear them exclusively. We provide an honorarium for the use of their images, but we never pay dancers to wear our shoes. It’s their choice.

Jurgita Dronina
Principal Dancer
National Ballet of Canada

“With Gaynor Mindens, my shoes just feel like an extension of myself. It’s almost like I don’t even have a shoe on. They react to my every movement, giving my feet a very delicious quality; it’s harmony from head to toe.”

Jurgita has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2005.
Photo: S. Endinian

Yekaterina Kondaurova
Principal Dancer
The Mariinsky Ballet

“It is very important for a ballerina that nothing disturbs her while she’s fulfilling her role in the ballet. Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are made for dancing the best roles; they are created for the creative work. I wear them for everything. They help me especially in ballets with extreme choreography: I don’t have to think how to jump, or how to spin and still stay on my foot while moving the center off balance. Most important is that Gaynor Minden shoes make my feet more pliable and expressive — alive and speaking.”

Katia has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2006.
Photo: Neff

Nicoletta Manni
Principal Dancer
Teatro Alla Scala

“I’ve always wanted to try Gaynor Minden, and once I did I knew I would never go back to traditional pointe shoes. They are the perfect shoes for anything I have to dance! I save a lot of time not worrying about my pointe shoes, I can just concentrate on my dancing.”

Nicoletta has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2016.
Photo: C. Quezada, Elisa Carrillo Ballet Gala Mexico

Gillian Murphy
Principal Dancer
American Ballet Theater

“As a professional dancer, I’ve come to realize that what makes this art form truly magical is something beyond technique. Gaynor Mindens give me the added confidence to reach this next level. I know my shoes will be soundless and fit perfectly. I go onstage ready to completely enjoy the movement and the moment.”

Gillian has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since she was fifteen.
Photo: E. Patino

Evgenia Obraztsova
Principal Dancer
The Bolshoi Ballet

“I love how they make jumping so light, so effortless and so quiet, and how they make balancing easy (which I especially appreciate for the Rose Adagio). I adore them!”

Genia has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2006.
Photo: E. Nawrath

Ekaterina Shipulina
Principal Dancer
The Bolshoi Ballet

“I was impressed when I first tried Gaynor Minden shoes. Now ballet shoes are not just beautiful, but also very comfortable. And the most important thing is that comfort lasts for a long time. My feet are grateful for the shoes and my audience is happy with my dancing. With Gaynor Minden, I feel I can do anything.”

Katia has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2006.
Photo: Alexandra

Oksana Skorik
Principal Dancer
Mariinsky Ballet

“I like dancing in Gaynor Minden! The first time I tried to rehearse in them, I was surprised that they did not break by the end of the training. And, I decided that it is convenient not to sew a new pair every day! Now, when I have my model I’m happy with how comfortable and quiet they are. I have been dancing only in Gaynor Minden for 10 years, in other shoes I’m no longer comfortable. I am grateful to the company for understanding how valuable a dancer’s work and time is.”

Oksana has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2008.
Photo: G. Schiavone

Alina Somova
Principal Dancer
The Mariinsky Ballet

“It’s easier to point, easier to balance and turn, easier to jump – and I love the sleek, arched look they give my foot – I won’t dance in anything else now.”

Alina has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2005.
Photo: Neff

Svetlana Zakharova
Principal Dancer
The Bolshoi Ballet

“Why did I choose Gaynor Minden? For me, the most important things about dance are my emotions and my technique. The technique must be perfect, the movement free and light; the audience must never see the work behind the dance — just the dance itself. That is why I choose Gaynor Minden: to be confident and free.”

Svetlana has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2011.
Photo: E. Nawrath

Erica Cornejo
Former Principal Dancer
Boston Ballet

“Ballet has always been hard but Gaynor Minden makes it easier. I love them – they don’t make any noise when I jump, and I can use the same pair many times because they last longer.”

Erica has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 1999.
Photo: S. Varga

Maria Riccetto
Former Prima Ballerina
Ballet Nacional Del Sodre

“What’s wonderful about the shoe: you’re out there dancing your heart out and you don’t have to worry about anything else. I can just forget, and enjoy it, and be free. They’re the best shoes.”

Maria has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2000.
Photo: S. Barreiro Ravera

Viengsay Valdes
Artistic Director
Ballet Nacional de Cuba

“Gaynor Mindens make me feel like I’m dancing on air – like butterfly’s wings. They are a gift to my feet. I can dance with a sense of security, and they give me a beautiful line. That’s why I trust them.”

Viengsay has worn Gaynor Minden pointe shoes since 2004.
Photo: M. Lidvac
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