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Haley Henderson Smith

Haley Smith Slideshow

“Now that I wear Gaynor Mindens I think less and less about my shoes, and more and more about the quality of my dancing. Not only do I have more time because of how many fewer shoes I have to sew and prepare, but there are no guessing games when I put them on because they are so consistent and reliable. I have never gotten a bad pair. Beyond that, they are incredibly quiet, so light, and form fitting to my feet, and they stand completely flat for incredible balance. They are amazingly durable for partnering work and never die during a performance the way my shoes used to. 

When I began wearing Gaynor Mindens it freed me to focus on my dancing, and I was able to take my technique to a whole new level.” 

Photo by Beau Pearson, courtesy of Elevé Dancewear.




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