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Gaynor Minden, Inc.
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Suede Tips
Imperial Elastic

Suede Tips
$10.00 extra


Suede Tips already built in. Peachy pink suede to match the satin. No more cutting, gluing, waiting. Darning? Forget about it. Now you can preserve your shoes, and your aesthetics. And your time. All Terrain Tips for even longer, long-lived shoes. but we would still prefer that you not practice fouettés in the driveway.
By Special Order. Please select this option when ordering your Pointe Shoe.




Transparent "Imperial" Elastic

Imperial ElasticFairy tales inspire great ballets. And now a great ballet accessory:
Transparent "Imperial" Elastic. "Imperial," in honor of the Emperor who had a suit of clothes so fine that no one could see it.
7/8" wide, stretchy elastic that's as clear as Scotch tape. Utterly transparent so that your shoes seem to stay on all by themselves.
You don't need to see it to believe it; our elastic really does exist and you really will dance...happily...ever...after.
Transparent "Imperial" Elastic. Color: none. Length: 30"; enough for two pairs of shoes.

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English Ribbon

Pointe Shoe Ribbon. Double-faced. Soft. And pale peach. Almost good enough to eat. Custom-dyed to match your Gaynor Mindens. Imported English Ribbon. Nylon. 2 yards, ample for one pair of shoes.

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Pink Elastic

Elastic. Pale Peach Elastic. 15" long, ample for two pairs of shoes.

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"Invisible" Elastic


Secret European Elastic. Over "there", the ballerinas appear to be dancing in shoes secured only by satin ribbon, and they also appear to have not the slightest worry about their shoes slipping off and everybody bursting into cruel laughter. The 'secret', of course, is Invisible Elastic, s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y, lace-like material that virtually disappears next to tights. Works for technique slippers, too. Imported European 'Invisible' Elastic. Ample (30" long) for two pairs of shoes, pairs.

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Heel Grippers


More gripping. Less griping. The extraordinarily useful Gaynor Minden Heel Gripper actually keeps your shoes on your heels. The textured surface really holds your foot. The peel-and-stick backing keeps gripper locked in place.
And, by filling in the extra space around your heel, it makes the back of the shoe beautifully smooth, sleek and free of lines and wrinkles. No Botox required. (Great for dancers with narrow heels.) Gaynor Minden Heel Grippers.

Show me how it works!

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Toe Separators


Adjustable Toe Separator. (because one size does not fit all). Got a big space (smaller than the Grand Canyon, but still...) between your big toe and your second toe? And is that second toe by any chance on the long side? Too bad. That's the ideal arrangement for a non-hereditary bunion and its unpleasant little companions, the hammertoe and the soft corn. You may know that a toe separator may help prevent these sad developments. But perhaps you were put off because they felt bulky or awkward. That's why we developed the adjustable toe separator. You customize it. You decide what length and this is the crucial partëwhat width suits your own anatomy. It's simple, just peel and snip, then tape in place. Toe Separators. Instructions included.

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Toe Wrap


Save skin, dishearten corns. And while you're at it, make bunions feel unwelcome. No, this doesn't require experimental treatment at some hush-hush clinic in Switzerland. All you need is Gaynor Minden's elastic microfoam toe tape. It protects and cushions. It allows complete freedom of movement. It peels off without leaving sticky residue. This is the same soft, light, stretchy and resilient tape surgeons use. And now it's available to fussy dancers like you.

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Totally Toes Fitting Kit


Is Pain the Necessary Price
of Greatness?
Wanting comfort doesn't make you a bad person. Gaynor Minden's Totally Toes Fitting Kit makes you feel like you've been reborn with custom-made ballerina feet. A breakthrough (it's actually patented) in pointe shoe fit and comfort. No comparison to lambswool, bulky toe pads, make-up sponges or any of those other antiquated desperation measures.

· Longer 2nd toe (aka Morton's Foot)? Cool Blue Gel Crescents redistribute the weight off of that poor, vulnerable toe.
· Big toe taking all the abuse? Cool Blue Gel Ovals. Instant relief. And a certain comforting give.
· Sensitive big toe nails? Try ingenious "Mushroom" Micro-pads. Their only job in life is to protect that crucial 1/2-inch of your body. Made of Poron*.
· Sliding down into the box? Stop the pain right now. Poron* Dynamic Box Liners hold your foot up and out of the box on pointe (well, actually you have to hold yourself up, but these will help keep you there). Then, the moment you're down, they compress so you can truly spread your foot. That's the dynamic¹ part. Amazingly effective. Puts the joy back in jumping.

Totally Toes Fitting Kit. Contains one pair each Cool Blue Gel Crescents, Cool Blue Gel Ovals, "Mushroom" Micro-pads, Dynamic Box Liners and clear, illustrated instructions. *Poron has the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.

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Full Sockliners

Sockliners. For narrow, fine-boned feet (the kind that grew up with nannies and Shetland ponies.) Gaynor Minden recommends these particular Sockliners as a very effective and straightforward method for reducing excess material at heel and sides of shoe. Full Sockliner.

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Vamp Elastic


Stop feeling sorry for dancers born with gorgeous arches.
Sympathy no longer needed. Problem solved.Gaynor Minden's ingeniously simple Vamp Elastic eliminates the curse of going over too far or popping out the punishments, once, for those born with gorgeous arches. The delay and expense of a remedial special-order vamp is now unnecessary. Just stitch Vamp Elastic in the throat of your shoe and you'll get the same kind of extra support that a deeper vamp would provideëwith no compromise of demi-pointe flexibility, either. Vamp Elastic. Instructions included.

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