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Our Fitting Video

Three Ladies_Fitting2 Gaynor Minden has not only improved pointe shoes, we’ve also improved pointe shoe fitting!
We’ve created the stock shoe you can customized, so you no longer have to be a professional
to get a professional fit. Fitting our shoes is intuitive and easy, but a little different than traditional
shoes, which are fit in anticipation of the shoe changing and breaking in. GM’s won’t change much
over time because the materials we use don’t break in, break down, or stretch out, so fit is extra important.

Click here to watch our step-by-step guide to fitting our pointe shoes to ensure you’re getting the best
possible fit (and for some trouble-shooting tips)! Of course, the best way to achieve a perfect pointe shoe fit
is to go in person to an experienced fitter who maintains a large inventory so that you can try many different
options. We encourage you to use our Store Locator to find a fitter near you!