Ascending Artists

Extraordinary young dancers all over the world train in Gaynor Minden.

Isabelle Brouwers, @bellabrouwers
English National Ballet, London, UK
Photo: Quinn Wharton

Alexandra Burman, @allieetoile
Houston Ballet II, Houston, TX
Photo: American Ballet Competition, courtesy of A.Burman

Rachelle di Stasio, @shellylove7
American Ballet Theatre, New York, NY
Photo: Eduardo Patino

Katherine Higgins, @kathhiggins
Paris Opera Ballet, Paris, France
Photo: Igor Zakharkin, courtesy of Moscow IBC

Emily Neale, @emneale8
Ballet West, Salt Lake City, UT
Photo: Rachel Neville

Chelsea Thronson, @chelseathronson
Ballet Coeur d’Alene, Coeur d’Alene, ID
Photo from @chelseathronson

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