Gaynor Minden Comprehensive Guide To Fitting

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Table of Contents:

Glossary 1
The Properly Fitted Pointe Shoe 2
Fitting Step by Step 4
Drawstring 7
The Brannock Device 8
Foot Types 9
Widths and Boxes 10
Shanks 11
Vamps 15
Heels 16
Ribbons 17
Elastic 19
Pads and Cushions 20
Problem Solving 23
Fitting the Compressible Foot 24
Problem Feet 25
Gaynor Minden Style Code 27

With a properly fitted pointe shoe a dancer can perform artistic marvels for hours at a time, day after day, year after year. She can remain comfortable, and in possession of feet she’s proud to show off in strappy sandals. A badly fitted pointe shoe, on the other hand, can cause blisters, hammertoes, corns, toenails so bruised that they blacken and fall off, and worse.

From annoying distraction to permanent damage — a bad fit can drain the joy from your dancing. But it's totally avoidable.

We advise everyone who dances on pointe to take the time to understand how a pointe shoe works, and how it must be fitted in order to work correctly. These Fitting Guidelines were written for fitters at dancewear stores, but we think everyone should read them. Please note that it is 27 pages.

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