"A superb reference book–all the information today's students need but can't get just by taking class–every dancer's library should have it."
      –Angel Corella, Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre

Eliza Gaynor Minden, who developed the innovative Gaynor Minden pointe shoe, brings us The Ballet Companion, a beautiful and comprehensive, up-to-date guide to the technique, training, artistry, and enjoyment of ballet.

Filled with gorgeous color technique photographs of Maria Riccetto and Benjamin Millepied, The Ballet Companion is poised to become a classic, as well as the perfect gift for teachers and students of all levels.

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The Ballet Companion is a fresh, comprehensive, and thoroughly up-to-date reference book for the dancer. With 150 stunning photographs of ballet stars Maria Riccetto and Benjamin Millepied demonstrating perfect execution of positions and steps, this elegant volume brims with everything today's dance student needs, including:

• Practical advice for getting started, such as selecting a school, getting the most out of class, and studio etiquette

• Explanations of ballet fundamentals and major training systems

• An illustrated guide through ballet class – warm-up, barre, and center floor

• Guidelines for safe, healthy dancing through a sensible diet, injury prevention, and cross training with yoga and pilates

• Descriptions of must-see ballets and glossaries of dance, music, and theatre terms

• Highlights of ballet's rich and lively history

"This is the very book I would have loved to have discovered when I first started to study ballet."
      –Allegra Kent, former Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet and author of Once a Dancer

"I recommend this wonderful book, The Ballet Companion, not only to students of dance, but also to the general public and its patrons as well. This is a unique and comprehensive look into the beginning, the middle and the professional areas of dance. This is a wonderful companion and guide to anybody who loves dance."
     –Edward Villella, former Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet and Founding Artistic Director,
          Miami City Ballet

"This comprehensive guide to the world of ballet is a must-have for all dance enthusiasts."
      –Gillian Murphy, Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre

"Everybody involved with or interested in ballet should read this book. Comprehensively researched and packed with valuable information, The Ballet Companion is a treasure-trove for ballet enthusiastes."
     –Kirk Peterson, Ballet Master/Choreographer, American Ballet Theatre

Eliza Minden's The Ballet Companion provides accurate, stimulating, professional information in a well articulated, appealing and easy to navigate format. This is an excellent, up-to-date reference book for teachers and dancers; from students to seasoned professionals, presenting an open minded approach to various ballet techniques. The Ballet Companion should be on the bookshelf of every serious ballet student."
     –Mikko Nissinen, Artistic Director, Boston Ballet

"The Ballet Companion is exactly that, a companion for dancers wishing to expand their knowledge of the art form and its ever changing yet lasting community. Finally, a book that reveals its rich history and strong tradition and how incredibly fortunate we are to belong to it."
      –Lourdes Lopez, former Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet

"Eliza Gaynor Minden captures our imagination, taking us into the magical world of ballet."
      –David Howard, internationally acclaimed Master Teacher and Coach

"A smØrgasbord of information about the world of ballet!"
      –Alexandra Ansanelli, former Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet

"This offers a wealth of information as well as being extremely interesting."
      –Mignon Furman, Director, American Academy of Ballet

"A unique book that blends a behind-the-scenes look at ballet with a bit of history, and how-to information. The Ballet Companion is a must–have for every dance student and enthusiast."
     –Maria Youskevitch, former Soloist, American Ballet Theatre, Principal Teacher, American
           Repertory Ballet's Princeton Ballet School

"This book is a broad canvas of the history, elements, and components of dance. It is "Must Reading" for those who love dance and wish to explore its functions and derivation."
     –Melissa Hayden, former Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet, faculty, North Carolina
          School of the Arts