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In conventionally-made pointe shoes, there is possible risk of injury if the shank should suddenly break or soften.

Gaynor Mindens have unbreakable shanks. In an independent study, using a flex-test machine that simulates relevés, Gaynor Mindens' shanks and boxes lasted more than 200,000 cycles - 3 to 28 times longer than the other major brands tested.

You can't put an orthotic into a pointe shoe, but Gaynor Mindens' pre-arched shanks provide strong, consistent support, right where doctors recommend it.

A dancer wearing conventionally-made pointe shoes may have an increased risk of stress-fracture and other injury due to a lack of shock-absorption.

Although no pointe shoe can make dancing easy, painless or risk-free, Gaynor Minden uses high-tech cushioning materials that provide superior comfort and minimize the traumatic impact of landing from jumps. Gaynor Minden uses Rogers Corporation's Poron® 4000, which carries the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.

Conventionally made pointe shoes may break in unevenly so that platform ceases to be level. This creates the likelihood that the dancer will be out of alignment en pointe, which can stress the joints, particularly the ankle.

Gaynor Mindens' elastomeric boxes cannot be softened or broken in. The sides of the platform never round down to permit "sickling" and "winging" (potentially injurious forms of misalignment). Gaynor Mindens make the dancer roll up to pointe, and balance en pointe, with the proper alignment that is required for correct technique and that is also less likely to stress the ankle.

Gaynor Mindens were developed in consultation with, and are recommended by, doctors and physical therapists who specialize in the treatment of dancers.