Gaynor Minden's boxes will not deteriorate or deform; they always remain sleek and smooth. We recommend you customize the inside of the box with Micro-Pads™ to accomodate your individual anatomy. Most dancers do not like big, bulky pads so Gaynor Minden's cushions are ultra-thin. They are made from the same advanced materials found in Gaynor Minden pointe shoes (not crushable, inexpensive latex foam). Gaynor Minden uses Rogers Corporation's Poron® 4000 which carries the American Medical Podiatric Association's Seal of Acceptance. With these cushions, you can wear a sleek, professional-looking shoe without discomfort.

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Fitting Kit

Dynamic Box Liners

Amazingly effective! A breakthrough in pointe shoe fit and comfort - so revolutionary it's patented! Hugs forefoot around sides and top to make box narrower and prevent painful sliding. Compresses to allow foot expansion in jumping, expands to hold foot up and in place en pointe. No comparison to lambswool, latex foam or flo pads.  

"I find this gives me optimum dexterity in my toe joints. The professional dancer wants the least amount of material in the small space of the toe shoe box ... the Gaynor Minden toe shoe liner is doing the most effective job with the least amount of material."

Maria Calegari, fomerly Principal with New York City Ballet

Crescent Cushions

For dancers whose 2nd toes are longer than their big toes. The cushion lies against the big toe and 3rd toe, creating a space for the long 2nd toe to lie straight, without pressure from the end of the box.

Oval & Mushroom Cushions

Make the big toe comfortable - useful for any sore spot or blister.

Other Gaynor Minden Accessories

Heel Grippers

Keeps shoe on heel, fills out excess space at back of shoe. Textured surface really holds foot; peel-and-stick backing keeps gripper in place. Great for dancers with narrow heels!

Full Sockliners

For narrow, fine-boned feet. Reduces excess material at heel and sides of shoe.

Toe Separators

May help prevent formation of non-hereditary bunions. Relieves pain caused by a space between the big toe and the second toe. Thickness and length are adjustable, just trim to fit, tape in place. Instructions included.

Vamp Elastic

Reduces "going over too far", "popping out of shoe" and other problems suffered by dancers with gorgeous arches. Rather than endure the delay and expense of a special order deeper vamp, just stitch Vamp Elastic in the throat of the shoe and provide some support in the same area that a deeper vamp would provide - and with no compromise of demi-pointe flexibility. 3" wide, strong elastic, dyed pale peach to match tights and be unnoticeable. Instructions included.


Invisible Elastic

Invisible Elastic keeps pointe shoes in place, invisibly! Stretchy, lace-like material virtually disappears against tights. Imported from Europe. Works for technique slippers as well. 30", enough for two pairs of shoes, or one pair of shoes sewn criss-cross.


Toe Wrap

Keep your skin on your toes where it belongs! No more painful peel-off and no more nasty glue residue from old-fashioned, stiff, white sports tape. Dancers' toes are special; they deserve ultra-thin, water-resistant, hypo-allergenic elastic foam tape that protects the toes while stretching in all directions to ensure total comfort and complete mobility. 5 1/2 yard roll.