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Marina Leonova

Director, Bolshoi Ballet Academy - Moscow, Russia
Marina Leonova

“Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are high quality, professional ballet footwear, ideally suited for beginners as well as experienced dancers.

In these shoes, it is possible to achieve a truly perfect fit, thus minimizing injuries and general discomfort. The shoes are stable, perfectly balanced, and create a beautiful line of the foot.” 

-Marina Leonova, November 2007

For twenty years, Marina Leonova was a leading ballerina with the Kremlin Palace and Bolshoi Ballet companies. At the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, which is the school of the Bolshoi Ballet, she has been a Professor on the Faculty of Classical Dance, a Vice-President on Creative Work, a President of the Academy, and — since 1996 — Director. She is a recipient of the prestigious National Artist of Russia award.

Photo by Alexey Brazhnikov.