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Kathryn Sullivan

Senior Pointe Instructor, Steps on Broadway - Ballet Faculty, Barnard College and New York University
Kathryn Sullivan

“Gaynor Mindens are excellent for the beginning pointe student. They enable the dancer to build her own strength in the foot without overly relying on the shoe. They encourage the correct position of the toes, and provide just enough resistance for a smooth roll-up and roll-down. I strongly recommend this shoe — along with good training — as a perfect way to be introduced to the wonderful world of pointe work!

It’s the shoe of the new generation.”

-Kathryn Sullivan, April 2006

Kathryn Sullivan, master teacher of ballet and pointe. She is a published author of articles and videos on pointe technique, and a respected faculty member at Barnard College and New York University. She has been teaching pointe at Steps on Broadway since 1991, and started recommending Gaynor Minden pointe shoes in 1995.

Photo by Eduardo Patino.